I have added four new prints to the shop (including the one shown below) as well as adding a new section of original art for sale.



My next project The Snooty Bookshop will be out in October from D&Q and Canongate. It is a postcard book containing fifty literary-themed cartoons chosen from You're All Just Jealous of my Jetpack and Baking with Kafka . You can pre-ordered it now:

preorder at waterstones (UK)
preorder at (UK)
preorder at wordery (Worldwide)
preorder at (US)
preorder at indiebound (US)



I am coming to Edinburgh and will be doing two events: 6.30pm August 11th at Golden Hare Books and 1.45pm August 12th at the Edinburgh Book Festival (with Hamish Steele).

I won an Eisner award! Best Humour Publication for Baking with Kafka.

I drew a cover for the New Yorker:



Baking with Kafka has been nominated for the Eisner Award for the Best Humor Publication of 2018.

I will be appearing at the Edinburgh Book Festival on Sunday 12th of August, in conversation with Hamish Steele and James Runcie then signing books. Tickets are on sale now.


My next published project will be The Snooty Bookshop, a set of fifty postcards featuring literary cartoons chosen from You're All Just Jealous of my Jetpack and Baking with Kafka. It will be released in late October but can be pre-ordered now: Amazon (UK), Amazon (US), Wordery (worldwide).

My cartoons continue to run weekly in The Guardian and New Scientist



I am attending a few events in the coming weeks. Click on these links for details:

Russia - Moscow and St. Petersburg, 25th to 27th April.
UK - London, Free Comics Book Day at Gosh Comics, 5th May.
Spain - Madrid and Barcelona, Primera Persona 11th to 12th May.


I drew a spring cover for The New Yorker, a musical version is available on their website.



My exhibition Robots et les autres Accidents, which places my work amongst the collection of Musée Historique de la Ville de Strasbourg, is now open and will run until the 29th of April. The show was made in collaboration with Editions 2024.




I’m having a mini show of books and prints at B-platform in Seoul to celebrate Edition Jean Moulin’s Korean Mooncop.

Baking with Kafka is now out in German and Spanish. For a full list of foreign editions, see here.

I drew a comic about Karl Marx (in German) for Le Monde Diplomatique.

I have collaborated with Editions 2024 to make an exhibition for le Musée Historique de la Ville de Strasbourg. It is called Robots et les autres Accidents and will run 16th March to 29th April.



My cartoon for the Guardian will be appearing weekly on the last page of the newly redesigned Review section. The cartoons are in a new, longer format: see example below, or the whole lot here.

My shop is open again.

Korean Mooncop is here!



I drew the cover for this week's New Yorker. You can buy a print here.


The shop on this site will close on the 11th of December, but please order sooner rather than later if you want things in time for Christmas.

I've just sent out one of my semi-regular newsletters which contains various Christmas present ideas from this site and elsewhere, you can read it here, or sign up to the mailing list here.


I have one, last Baking with Kafka event this year. I'll be talking with Paul Gravett at The British Library on the 28th of November. After the talk I will be signing books and giving out badges. Tickets are available now at The British Library's website.


15/11/17 now stocks most of my books and offers free worldwide deilivery. 

I have added some new items to my shop, including badges, books and drawings. [update: the badges are sold out]

My US tour is over. Thanks to everyone who came or helped along the way. 


Drawn and Quarterly are bringing me and Baking with Kafka to the US tomorrow. See the poster below, or get more details on their site. If you can't come to the tour, you can get Baking with Kafka in good bookshops and online:

order at (UK)
order at (US)
order at (Canada)
order at waterstones (UK)
order at the hive (UK)
order at indiebound (US)



I've put a few new drawings in the shop.

Baking with Kafka is now out in North America! Thanks D&Q!


Police Lunaire (French Mooncop) is up for Le Prix SNCF du Polar. The prize is voted for by readers, so if you enjoyed it, please vote here:



Baking with Kafka and my other books are all currently under £10 when you buy from an independent bookshop through The Hive.

I'm going to be coming to London, Scotland and France to promote Baking with Kafka, please come and see me at Burley Fisher, Superheros, Quai des Brumes, Toppings & Co, Dundee Literary Festival or the British Library. Scroll down to the last post to see my US dates.



Drawn and Quarterly have just announced my tour for the North American edition of Baking with Kafka. More details on their site.


Baking with Kafka is out now in the UK from Canongate:

order at
order at gosh (signed bookplate edition)
order at waterstones
order at the hive

The next event for Baking with Kafka will be at Burley Fisher Books in East London, 7 to 9pm on the 5th of October. You can book tickets here.


 These badges are for the launch party of Baking with Kafka at Gosh Comics on the 8th of September, come along and get one.



You are invited to the launch party for my forthcoming book of cartoons will be at Gosh Comics on the 8th of September:

Baking with Kafka will be released in six weeks. You can pre-order it now:
pre-order at gosh (signed bookplate edition)
pre-order at (UK)
pre-order at (US)
pre-order at waterstones (UK)
pre-order at the hive (UK)
pre-order at indiebound (US)


Drawn and Quarterly will have early, signed bookplate copies of Baking with Kafka at their stand (#1629) at Comic-con San Diego from 19th to 23rd July.

Mooncop is nominated for three Eisner awards which will be announced at the con. [Update: I didn't win. Well done to all the winners!}


The launch party for my forthcoming book of cartoons will be at Gosh Comics on the 8th of September. Gosh are producing an exclusive bookplate edition which can be preordered here.


I've put a few more original drawings into the shop.


I got my hands on a real copy of Baking with Kafka which collects one-hundred and fifty of my one-page cartoons and will be published in the autumn by Drawn and Quarterly in North America and Canongate in the UK.

pre-order at (UK)
pre-order at (US)
pre-order at waterstones (UK)
pre-order at the hive (UK)
pre-order at indiebound (US)


I will be at ELCAF signing books at the Drawn and Quarterly booth, on Friday 16th June 1-2pm and Saturday 2-3pm & 4-5pm. We will have early copies of the new paperback edition of Goliath as well as my other books.

My illustration agent Heart have added new images and a video interview to my page on their site.


The New York Times published an all-comics issue of their weekend magazine featuring many excellent cartoonists. I created a two-page story titled 'View Finder' (shown below) as well as creating a comic-strip editor's letter and hand-drawing the lettering most of the design elements in the magazine. Thanks to Matt Wiley, Caitlin Roper and the NYT magazine team who created the issue.

Click on the image to enlarge.


Mooncop has been nominated for Eisner Awards in the Best Graphic Album, Best Artist/Writer and Best Lettering categories. It is still available in good bookshops and online.


I've put ten more original drawings into the shop. The Endless Journey cards are now sold out.

 A cartoon for The Guardian.

A cartoon for The Guardian.


I have added ten original drawings to the shop. [update: These are all now sold. I'll add more in a few weeks]


Welcome to my new website.

The shop is open now, but uses a different system from the old one. Please email me if you have any problems.

 A cartoon for New Scientist.

A cartoon for New Scientist.


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